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1.0 provides you with what you need to learn to type
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21 February 2013

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At times while working on your systems, especially while drafting a long email or a document, some of us who are not well versed at typing can feel rather drained out. Looking at the keyboard for every alphabet while typing can be a big hassle and the thought of learning typing might have occurred to you. However the idea of attending a typing class is hardly attractive given the amount of time you would involve in the activity. In such a scenario, the 1.0 application provides you with a viable option of learning all by yourself right out your computer system and that too at your own speed.

The application is essentially browser window that connects you to its website. It first asks you to register and then login to its site. Once you are on its site you can go take an online speed test to know where you currently stand. During the test, the application will dynamically calculate your speed, give out the number of typos that you have made and even indicate the task completed in the progress bar. Moreover it uses a very detailed color coded representation to show which finger goes for which alphabet. The interface of the test window is rather appealing and you would like typing on it. The site has a host of features that you can utilize to aid your endeavor to improve your typing skills. You can consult other members through the forums on the site and learn by discussion with fellow students. 1.0 earns kudos on account of its well designed test and some of its well thought out options such as group chat on its site helps it gain an admirable score of four rating points. We wholeheartedly recommend this effectual application and its website as a must visit for anyone looking to get skilled at working with the keyboard.

Publisher's description

If you want to learn how to type like a professional, you have probably already looked into some of the many typing tutors out there. Many of them are anything but user-friendly, providing long-winded and tediously repetitive lessons. However, offers an entirely new approach to learning how to type, making it feel more like recreation than work. With its unique and exciting social elements, you can compare your scores and rankings with other users of the online typing test. There are forums where you can chat with other users as well and have a chance to meet the community and become a part of it. With pleasantly presented visual statistics at the end of the online typing test, you will have plenty to keep you motivated. Once you have proven your skills on the site, you will even have the opportunity to order an internationally recognized certificate by mail. is the ideal solution for learning how to type not only in English, but also in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian. Learn more at Solotyping is completely free!
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